Launch of e-SIP, e-EDP and e-MSOP

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) in collaboration with Gurukul   Online Learning   Solutions (GOLS) have come up with an initiative to start electronic versions of – Student Induction Program or SIP, Executive Development Program or EDP and Management Skills Orientation Program  or MSOP. 

Under this initiative these compulsory training programs will be delivered to students under an interactive Video-based training (VBT) over the internet. Hence there is no need of physical presence of students at the venue. However the option to undergo these programs in physical mode shall still be available for students who wish to undergo the same.

This initiative will be especially beneficial to the students who were not able to attend these training programs due to coaching classes, work or other commitments. The Fees for e-SIP and eEDP will be Rs. 750/- per student and for e-MSOP it will be Rs. 5000/- per student. The interested students for further details and registration can visit .

Course Duration For e-SIP and e-EDP

a) The course is of 48 hours spread over 15 days (minimum) to 60 days (maximum)

b) Access will be given to 2 module / Unit per day.

c) The student has to start the course within 14 days of activation of his/her user id and password, which happens after the student receives course activation email from GOLS.

d) Student would be given sequential access to module / Unit of the course which they have to complete before getting access to the next module / Unit.

Tests under the Programs

At the end of each topic, there would be an online assessment which needs to be attempted and completed by the student.

In addition to these tests, there would be 3 Mastery Tests also, which a student needs to attempt and secure the minimum prescribed marks for considering him/her for successful course completion. The test/s consists of multiple choice objective questions.

Attendance Procedure

An interesting feature of these programs will be the procedure of taking attendance. A student has to study and complete all the topics allocated in the course. The system will automatically mark attendance of the topic/course on completion of the respective topic or course.

In order to maintain attendance and authenticity of student, the system will capture photos of students randomly while they are studying on their computer. This is mandatory and even if a student minimize the learning site the webcam could still capture his/her photos. Once you logout from the course the photo capturing will automatically be disabled. Thus, students are advised to be in a proper attire and posture whilst studying this course on their computer.  Students planning to pursue these programs should not worry about their privacy being infringed as pictures captured during these programs will be governed by a very strict privacy policy of GOLS and ICSI. According to which the pictures captured are made available only on a ‘need to know’ basis and only for the purpose of ensuring bona fide student’s attendance and for authentication of the same.

Completion Certificate

On successful completion of the entire course and Mastery Test as outlined above, the student would be sent an online “Course Completion Certificate”.

*Note: GOLS is a registered trademark of  GurukulOnline Learning Solution.

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